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Binodal, wireless epidermal electronic systems with in-sensor analytics for neonatal intensive care

Chung, H. U.; Kim, B. H.; Lee, J. Y.; Lee, J.; Xie, Z.; Ibler, E. M.; Lee, K.; Banks, A.; Jeong, J. Y.; Kim, J.; Ogle, C.; Grande, D.; Yu, Y.; Jang, H.; Assem, P.; Ryu, D.; Kwak, J. W.; Namkoong, M.; Park, J. B.; Lee, Y.; Kim, D. H.; Ryu, A.; Jeong, J.; You, K.; Ji, B.; Liu, Z.; Huo, Q.; Feng, X.; Deng, Y.; Xu, Y.; Jang, K. I.; Kim, J.; Zhang, Y.; Ghaffari, R.; Rand, C. M.; Schau, M.; Hamvas, A.; Weese-Mayer, D. E.; Huang, Y.; Lee, S. M.; Lee, C. H.; Shanbhag, N. R.; Paller, A. S.; Xu, S.; Rogers, J. A. Science. 2019 Mar 2; 363(6430)

Pre-Vent: the prematurity-related ventilatory control study

Dennery, P. A.; Di Fiore, J. M.; Ambalavanan, N.; Bancalari, E.; Carroll, J. L.; Claure, N.; Hamvas, A.; Hibbs, A. M.; Indic, P.; Kemp, J.; Krahn, K. N.; Lake, D.; Laposky, A.; Martin, R. J.; Natarajan, A.; Rand, C.; Schau, M.; Weese-Mayer, D. E.; Zimmet, A. M.; Moorman, J. R. Pediatr Res. 2019 Feb 9; 85(6):769-776

Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome: Severe disease caused by co-occurrence of two PHOX2B variants inherited separately from asymptomatic family members

Sivan, Y.; Zhou, A.; Jennings, L. J.; Berry-Kravis, E. M.; Yu, M.; Zhou, L.; Rand, C. M.; Weese-Mayer, D. E. Am J Med Genet A. 2019 Jan 24; 179(3):503-506

Chronic nausea and orthostatic intolerance: Diagnostic utility of orthostatic challenge duration, Nausea Profile Questionnaire, and neurohumoral measures

Wagoner, A. L.; Tarbell, S. E.; Shaltout, H. A.; Diz, D. I.; Weese-Mayer, D. E.; Fortunato, J. E. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2018 Aug 14; 30(11):e13433

ROHHAD and Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS): clinical and genetic comparison

Barclay, S. F.; Rand, C. M.; Nguyen, L.; Wilson, R. J. A.; Wevrick, R.; Gibson, W. T.; Bech-Hansen, N. T.; Weese-Mayer, D. E. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2018 Jul 22; 13(1):124