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Robot-assisted laparoscopic pyelotomy and ileal ureter substitution: video demonstration

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The Homeodomain Transcription Factor NKX3.1 Modulates Bladder Outlet Obstruction Induced Fibrosis in Mice

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Stem cell antigen/Ly6a protects against bladder fibrosis in mice

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Renal Replacement Therapy and Intermittent Catheterization Risk in Posterior Urethral Valves

McLeod, D. J.; Szymanski, K. M.; Gong, E.; Granberg, C.; Reddy, P.; Sebastiao, Y.; Fuchs, M.; Gargollo, P.; Whittam, B.; VanderBrink, B. A. Pediatrics. 2019 Feb 3; 143(3)

Compensatory regrowth of the mouse bladder after partial cystectomy

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