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Ending Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs): Definitions, Strategies, and Goals for the Next Decade

Henry, J. A.; Volk, A. S.; Kariuki, S. K.; Murungi, K.; Firmalo, T.; Masha, R. L.; Henry, O.; Arimi, P.; Mwai, P.; Waiguru, E.; Mwiti, E.; Okoro, D.; Langat, A.; Mugambi, C.; Anastasi, E.; Slinger, G.; Lavy, C.; Owen, R.; Stieber, E.; Suntay, M. L.; Haddad, D.; Lane, R.; Buenaventura, J.; Parsan, N.; Abdullah, F.; Nebeker, M.; Nebeker, L.; Mock, C.; Hollier, L.; Jani, P. Int J Health Policy Manag. 2020 Aug 18

Association of number and type of serious complications with failure to rescue in children undergoing surgery: A NSQIP-Pediatric analysis

Kim, S.; Balmert, L.; Raval, M. V.; Johnson, E. K.; Abdullah, F.; Chu, D. I. J Pediatr Surg. 2020 May 21

Transfusions in Children's Surgery: Characterization and Development of a Model for Benchmarking

Salazar, J. H.; Goldstein, S. D.; Swarup, A.; Boss, E. F.; Van Arendonk, K. J.; Abdullah, F. J Surg Res. 2020 Mar 31; 252:47-56

A contemporary snapshot of circumcision in US children's hospitals

Many, B. T.; Rizeq, Y. K.; Vacek, J.; Cheon, E. C.; Johnson, E.; Hu, Y. Y.; Raval, M. V.; Abdullah, F.; Goldstein, S. D. J Pediatr Surg. 2020 Mar 23; 55(6):1134-1138

Caregiver Reported Reasons for Delay of Neonatal Circumcision

Jacobson, D. L.; D'Oro, A.; Abdullah, F.; Barsness, K. A.; Liu, D. B.; Maizels, M.; Rosoklija, I.; Johnson, E. K. Urology. 2020 Mar 14; 140:143-149