4D flow MR imaging of the portal venous system: a feasibility study in children

Parekh, K.; Markl, M.; Rose, M.; Schnell, S.; Popescu, A.; Rigsby, C. K.

Eur Radiol. 2016 May 20; 27(2):832-840


OBJECTIVES: To determine the feasibility of 4D flow MRI for visualization and quantification of the portal venous haemodynamics in children and young adults. METHODS: 4D flow was performed in 28 paediatric patients (median age, 8.5 years; interquartile range, 5.2-16.5), 15 with non-operated native portal system and 13 with surgically created portal shunt. Image quality assessment for 3D flow visualization and flow pattern analyses was performed. Regional 4D flow peak velocity and net flow were compared with 2D-cine phase contrast MRI (2D-PC MR) in the post-surgical patients. RESULTS: Mean 3D flow visualization quality score was excellent (mean +/- SD, 4.2 +/- 0.9) with good inter-rater agreement (kappa,0.67). Image quality in children aged >10 years was better than children

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