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Longitudinal Observation of Pectus Carinatum Patients

Official Title: Longitudinal Observation of Pectus Carinatum Patients

We propose a prospective longitudinal observation study at Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of pediatric patients with a chest wall deformity diagnosis of either congenital or acquired pectus carinatum. Our aim is to assess the precision and accuracy of the Rodin M4D White Light Scanner in preoperative evaluation of pectus carinatum by documenting the accuracy of the M4D scanner as compared to current standard of care(physician manual assessment), for assessing progression of the deformity in these patients and referring patients for surgical intervention. We intend to determine if the M4D White Light Scanner can be used to assess if pectus carinatum has worsened, stayed the same, or improved. Results of this study could influence the standard of care of pectus carinatum patients in the future by validating this scanning method, ultimately allowing pediatric surgeons to have the best possible treatment and preoperative evaluation tools.
Reynolds, Marleta, MD

Contact Information:

Ferdynand Hebal, MD

Clinical Research Associate