BIOPIC: Fungal Biomakers for Diagnosis and Response to Therapy for Pediatric Candidemia

Official Title: BIOPIC: Fungal Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Response to Therapy for Pediatric Candidemia

<p>This study will create an international multi-center cohort of children with new clinical concern for infecton while in the hospital.&nbsp; Sites used are part of the International Pediatric Fungal Network (; The study plans to prospectively enroll pediatric patients at high-risk of developing invasve candidiasis over a four year period.&nbsp; The study duration per subject will be up to 14 days for blood collection and 30 days for data collection from the medical record. For the first aim, this study will assemble a prospective cohort of pediatric patients at high-rish for developing invasive candidiasis.&nbsp; <br />Blood samples for biomarker testing will be obtained within 24-hours of a patient having a clinical indication for blood culture attainment.&nbsp; To accomplish the second aim, additional blood sampling will be performed in the sub-set of patients that are found to have invasive candidiasis.&nbsp; For the third aim, rremnant blood samples following biomarker testing from all consenting participants will be stored in a biobank.&nbsp; This biobank will be used to examine future, currently undeveloped, biomarker assays in an effort to further reduce the time to diagnosis of invasive candidiasis.</p>

NCT 02220790
Muller, William J., MD, PhD

Contact Information:

Rohit Karla

Clinical Research Coordinator