Leadership & Faculty

The leadership of Manne Research Institute consists of the Chief Research Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Program and Center leaders, as well as Associate Directors representing the research of Lurie Children’s departments and the Manne Research Institute’s Board of Directors. As a team, these leaders provide context, direction and support for the research activities conducted throughout Lurie Children’s.

Manne Research Institute Leadership

Patrick C. Seed, MD, PhD
President and Chief Research Officer

Melissa Gentile, CRA, CPA
Interim Chief Operating Officer
Senior Driector, Research Business Operations

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Research Faculty

Manne Research Institute faculty members investigate topics covering the broad spectrum of children’s health. Clinical research focuses on treating or curing diseases, and improving therapies, procedures or devices. Basic researchers study underlying phenomena such as human development, genetics or brain circuitry. Other faculty members engage in clinical, community and population-based research to benefit children, their families and their communities.

Lurie Children’s researchers include physicians, laboratory scientists, nurses, chemists and others who share their expertise. Our pediatricians and scientists routinely collaborate with our academic partner, Northwestern University, other medical centers and academic institutions across the globe, as well as with community partners such as schools and governments.

High profile research projects include:

  • An investigational drug for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Stem cell therapies to improve bladder function
  • Simulation models to train surgeons on difficult procedures