Family & Community Destinations

Our hospital was built to create a warm, welcoming and engaging environment to promote our patients’ healing and overall wellness. More than 20 local organizations participated in our Creative Arts Community Partnership to help design displays and interactive exhibits throughout the hospital.

While each space and work of art is important, there are a few community destinations in particular where patients and families may find themselves more frequently.

Crown Sky Garden

This healing space is an indoor garden located next to the Sky Café on the 11th floor. The 
Crown Sky Garden uses light, sound, water and wood elements to create a calming effect, replicating an outdoor garden, and the garden’s two-story windows frame a great view of the city. The Crown Sky Garden is always open for patients and families to relax and seek respite. It is also part of the Pebble Project, which measures the effectiveness of hospital environments as healing mechanisms. Read more about the Crown Sky Garden.

Sky Café

Our cafeteria is located on the 11th floor next to the Crown Sky Garden. Our friendly staff members are ready to serve you and your family. Learn more.


We offer a Walgreens in our building to make sure it’s as easy as possible to quickly get the right medication and equipment to care for your child. Our Walgreens also stocks various kinds of medications for adults, which allows it to fill any prescription for your whole family in one stop. Walgreens is located on the third floor. To see the complete list of individualized services they offer, read more about 
our Walgreens.

Fire Truck

In recognition of our longstanding partnership with the Chicago Fire Department to care for Chicago’s kids, a customized fire truck cab, donated by Pierce Manufacturing, is installed on the 12th floor, near the 
Family Learning Center and the Anne Searle Bent Interfaith Chapel. It’s accessible to kids of all ages and abilities, and it features some fun and “flashy” activities. Stop by to see for yourself!

Tree House

The tree house hovers above the Crown Sky Garden,  allowing families to look over the garden and the canopy of the bamboo trees to see the incredible view of the city. Read more about the Founders’ Board.

Anne Searle Bent Interfaith Chapel

The Searle Bent Chapel is a quiet place for patient families to meditate or pray or simply relax in a place that is calm and quiet. Located on the 12th floor near the fire truck and the Family Learning Center, our non-denominational chapel welcomes visitors 24-hours a day. If you would like additional spiritual guidance, our 
Spiritual Services may be able to help. We also have chaplains available for patient families all day, every day

Welcome Whales

Near life-size models of a mother humpback whale and her calf, donated by the Shedd Aquarium, are the first things patient families see when they walk into the two-story lobby of the hospital. Sea life creature projections also move around on the entrance floor as children play and try to catch them. Just below the whales, our Potbelly provides snacks, coffee, and a great place to relax.

Healing Waters

As part of 
our healing spaces effort seen throughout the hospital, this sculpture rests above the drop-off driveway, greeting patients and families with its calming ocean-like effect. Learn more about “Healing Waters” by reading our blog post about the thought and effort put into the work of art.

Coral Garden & Aquarium

Located on the second floor, Shedd Aquarium’s coral garden sculpture is a playful interactive display for patient families to learn about fish and their environment. Next to the garden, their aquarium is a relaxing display of beautiful sea creatures that can be seen on both sides of the wall, which means children in the 
Kenneth & Anne Griffin Emergency Care Center  also are able to benefit from its calming effects.