Project D.O.C.C.

Created during a Family Advisory Board meeting, Project D.O.C.C. (Delivery of Chronic Care) is a program designed to bring residents into the homes and lives of chronically ill patients. This hands-on experience lets residents see how treatment affects not only the lives of patients, but of their entire families.

Parents are trained by faculty to work with first-year medical school students who are sent to the homes of medically complex children to see all the work home care involves. Those experiences make the future doctors a little more sensitive to families’ needs, a level of consideration that carries into residents’ practicing days.

Project D.O.C.C. parents are active in the community, speaking at doctor and resident events to help spread awareness of families’ needs in the care process. They make sure to cover the important topics for families and physicians — including everything from the right way to deliver bad news to explaining the complicated logistics of getting a wheelchair through a house.

Get Involved

Make your family part of Project D.O.C.C. by contacting the ParentWISE referral line at 312.227.3280.