Managing Your Child's Pain

Managing your child’s pain is a very important part of your child’s care. We work hard to help your child feel better, and use many different ways to relieve pain.

Children Can:

  • Have a parent or another adult with them
  • Ask questions if they don’t understand
  • Tell us when and where something hurts
  • Ask for something to make the pain better
  • Be mad, if it makes them feel better

If Your Child Feels Pain, You Can:

  • Let your nurse know so we can help
  • Ask for a child life specialist
  • Ask for tips and tricks to help your child manage pain, such as:
    • Stay near your child’s face to comfort and redirect their attention toward you
    • Help your child choose a more comfortable position
    • Encourage your child to hold your hand, squeeze your hand and look at you
    • Ask your child to think about a favorite thing, place or person
    • Tell funny stories or jokes and sing songs
    • Watch a movie
    • Listen to music
    • Play a game

For age-specific strategies and tips for helping your child cope with pain, visit Pain Management.