Meet Your Care Team

Many specially trained people care for your child. Together, these people are your child’s healthcare team. Read more about your Care Team; your medical team and your Family Services team, and how they work together to give your family the best possible care.

Your Medical Team

Attending physicians (gray coats) are your child’s main doctors. They:gray_coats.png

  • See your child every day
  • Talk with you about your child’s care
  • Answer your questions
  • Explain their roles in caring for your child


Nurses (colorful scrubs or white coats) have the most contact with you and your child. They: nurses.png

  • Watch your child’s vital signs
  • Answer your questions
  • Teach you how to care for your sick child


Advanced practice nurses (APNs, white coats) coordinate your child’s care with your child’s main doctors. They: white_coats.png

  • See your child every day
  • May examine your child
  • Talk with you about your child’s care
  • Answer your questions


Residents, fellows, and medical students are doctors in training. They…

  • Work closely with your child’s main doctors
  • May examine your child
  • May ask and answer your questions

Your Family Services Team

Family Services plays a big role on your child’s healthcare team. Specially trained staff and volunteers provide access to many resources for your child and family.

A social worker can help when your family…

  • Wants to talk about a problem
  • Is struggling to follow your child’s medical plan
  • Does not feel safe at home
  • Learn more about social workers

A chaplain can help when you…

  • Wonder “Why is this happening to us?”
  • Want someone to talk to, such as a priest, pastor or rabbi
  • Want a prayer, blessing, Bible or Sabbath candles
  • Learn more about our chaplains

A child life specialist or creative arts therapist can help your child and siblings…

A teacher or volunteer tutor can…

You can request an interpreter when you…

  • Want something explained to you in your own language
  • Have trouble communicating with your healthcare teamdue to language barriers

Get more information about the resources and support available to patients and families through the Family Services Department.