International Patient Care - Become a Patient

The International and Destination Patient Services team provides many services to assist your child and family throughout your journey at Lurie Children’s. Please follow these important steps to become a patient:

1. Prepare Your Child’s Medical History

Having as much information as possible can help our experts make the best decisions about a potential treatment plan. Please provide the following information, all translated into English:

  • Medical summary, including details of the diagnoses, medical testing, and treatments
  • Any recent lab testing
  • Imaging studies
  • Pathology slides, if applicable

2. Complete our Patient Intake Form

Complete our patient intake form. One of our coordinators will reach out to you within 72 hours of submitting the form. 

Click here to complete our patient intake form

3. Review of Medical Records

Once all the pertinent information has been submitted, our experts will review all the documents and determine if the patient can benefit from an evaluation and/or a potential treatment at Lurie Children’s.

4. Financial Review

If the patient is self-pay, a cost estimate for treatment will be provided. Full payment must be received prior to arrival at Lurie Children’s.

If the patient has an international insurance or is financially covered by their country’s government, our team will request receipt of Letter of Financial Coverage prior to arrival at Lurie Children’s.

5. Schedule Appointments

We will coordinate and schedule appointments after the patient is accepted for treatment and the financial arrangements are planned.

6. Plan Your Visit to Lurie Children’s

Once the physicians have accepted the patient for treatment, financial review is completed and appointments are scheduled, you can plan your travel to Chicago.

Our coordinators will provide you with lodging options and an itinerary of scheduled appointments.