Managing Your Child's Pain

Managing your child’s pain is a very important part of your child’s care. We work hard to help your child feel better, and use many different ways to relieve pain.

Children Can:

  • Have a parent or another adult with them
  • Ask questions if they don’t understand
  • Tell us when and where something hurts
  • Ask for something to make the pain better
  • Be mad, if it makes them feel better

If Your Child Feels Pain, You Can:

  • Let your nurse know so we can help
  • Ask for a child life specialist
  • Ask for tips and tricks to help your child manage pain, such as:
    • Stay near your child’s face to comfort and redirect their attention toward you
    • Help your child choose a more comfortable position
    • Encourage your child to hold your hand, squeeze your hand and look at you
    • Ask your child to think about a favorite thing, place or person
    • Tell funny stories or jokes and sing songs
    • Watch a movie
    • Listen to music
    • Play a game

Coping & Comfort Plans 

Nobody likes to be in pain, so together we can try new ways to reduce anxiety and pain surrounding potentially difficult procedures. The journey to more comfortable care is assisted by the Coping & Comfort plans. These plans are a way that staff in all areas can document and communicate the preferences in regard to behavioral, environmental, supportive, and pain management opportunities.

For age-specific strategies and tips for helping your child cope with pain, visit Pain Management.

Lurie Children's has received international recognition from ChildKind International​ for its exceptional commitment to the prevention and treatment of children's pain.