For Members

Lurie Children’s Health Partners Care Coordination (LCHPCC) is a care coordination program for children with special healthcare needs. We know caring for a child with special healthcare needs is hard, so we will give you and your child a care coordinator to help you get the services and support you need. We want to keep your child healthy and at home by getting the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

How LCHPCC Can Help You

As a member of Lurie Children’s Health Partners Care Coordination (LCHPCC), your child will get:

  • Easy access to specialists
  • Help with medication
  • Care coordination to help you:
    • Manage your child’s health
    • Find community resources
    • Make appointments
    • Work with your child’s school

Care Coordination Team

As a member of LCHPCC, your child will have a care coordination team that will:

  • Understand your goals for your child
  • Understand your child’s needs
  • Arrange for needed special medical equipment and services needed
  • Arrange for services after hospitalizations
  • Work with you and your child’s healthcare team to make sure your child gets the healthcare services needed
  • Put you in touch with organizations in your community that can offer you and your child support
  • Help you learn ways to manage your child’s health conditions
  • Coordinate services between all your child’s healthcare providers

Team Members

Your child’s care coordination team will include the following members:

  • A registered nurse who can help you:
    • Understand your child’s medical conditions
    • Talk to your child’s doctors about your child’s medical condition(s) and treatment plan
    • Learn how to manage your child’s medical condition(s)
  • A social worker who can help you:
    • Talk to your child’s school
    • When you are worried about your child’s behavior
    • When you are worried that your child is too sad or too angry
    • When you need help with getting food, clothes or shelter
  • A community health worker who can help you:
    • Schedule appointments with your child’s healthcare providers
    • Schedule transportation for healthcare appointments
    • Remember to pick up medications or attend appointments
    • Get in touch with resources in the community