Exchange Plans We Accept

None of the health plans offered on the Illinois Exchange in 2017 include Lurie Children's in their networks.

How can I get care at Lurie Children's?

  • Check to see if you can get coverage through your employer.Check to see if your child qualifies for Medicaid/All Kids. Contact the Patient Innovation Center at 312.967.9200.
  • Check with your child's primary care physician regarding options.
  • If you choose an Exchange plan, you will need a prior authorization of services from that plan.
  • Without a prior authorization, your child's care at Lurie Children's would be out-of-network. This means that it is very likely you will be responsible for most or all of the costs.

How do I pick a plan?

Why isn't Lurie Children's in-network with any of the Exchange plans?

  • Lurie Children's was in-network with four plans in 2016 (Coventry, Harken, United Compass and Land of Lincoln). All four of these insurers have chosen not to offer any plans on the 2017 Exchange.
  • The remaining Exchange plans all have narrow networks that do not include Lurie Children's.