Frequently Asked Questions About Billing

Medical bills can be complicated. We want to help you understand your bills, our payment policy and your options.

What Are the Hospital Charges?

You may view a list of Lurie Children's standard hospital charges and receive estimates of charges by calling 312.227.1230. See our Price Transparency Policy for more information. Learn more about hospital charges.

It is important to understand that patients do not pay the full amount of the listed charges. Patients with health insurance only pay the specified deductible, copay and coinsurance amounts established by their health plan. A patient without health insurance may be eligible for significant discounts from charges through our financial assistance program.

Why Do I G​et Multiple Bills for One Visit?

You may receive more than one bill for one visit. Here's why: some bills come from doctors, other bills come from the hospital. All bills are submitted to your insurance company.

For example, if your child has an X-ray:

  • The hospital sends a bill for use of the equipment and clinical staff time;
  • Your radiologist sends a bill for interpreting the X-ray; and
  • Your attending physician sends a bill for developing a treatment plan based on the results of that X-ray.
  • Find direct phone numbers for specific questions about your bills