The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health Expands

August 06, 2020

The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health, one of only a few comprehensive fetal centers in the country offering pre-birth counseling and care of pregnant women with fetal complications, as well as corrective fetal intervention if needed, recently expanded its Regenstein Fetal Health Suite, more than tripling its space.

“This expansion allows us to provide much of the testing and care in one location, making it easier on the families,” said Aimen Shaaban, MD, Director of The Chicago Institute. “It truly becomes a women’s center inside a children’s hospital.”

The expanded 7,000 square foot area includes integrated fetal ultrasound, echocardiography and MRI, multiple consultation rooms with enhanced video conference and telemedicine capabilities, multi-specialty office space and direct bridge access to Labor & Delivery -- systems that provide collaboration, coordination and continuity of care.

The new suite offers greater comfort for families through a family lounge and four larger “nesting” rooms, or private rooms where pregnant women and families who are frequently travelling far from home can relax in between testing, which can take several hours. Each nesting room comes with a private bathroom, TV, recliner and a mini refrigerator.

“The space has been geared around the mother’s experience and the mother’s comfort,” said Dr. Shaaban. “It is designed to be a mature space for mom inside a place designed for children.”