Raising Kids Who Give Back

December 11, 2023

Most people want to raise children who understand the importance of giving as well as receiving. Most parents want their children to develop empathy for others and appreciation for the privilege of good health. Most parents have good intentions about teaching their children these things, but not all do something about it. In this season of giving, meet two Lurie Children’s donor families who seem to have cracked the code.

Nyra and Kyle Adams knew after their daughter Hope’s successful fetal surgery for open spina bifida that they wanted to do something to give back to The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health (CIFH) at Lurie Children’s, and to Ronald McDonald House where they stayed during Hope’s hospitalization. Having some experience with golfing events, Nyra decided to host a golf tournament in their Sheboygan community to raise funds for CIFH. The first two annual tournaments were a great success and they’re already planning the 2024 version.

Their older children, Oliver, 7, and Tenley, 5, helped with preparations for the tournament, ripping raffle tickets and stuffing goodie bags. Similarly, preparing holiday gift bags for families staying at Ronald McDonald House is a family affair. “We talk about their memories of visiting us there and how they felt about it, and what it’s like for the families there now,” says Nyra. “Our children are still young, but they understand that we do these things to help other children like Hope.”

Involving their children in fun events benefiting Lurie Children’s was the key for Seth and Lisa Prostic. Starting when their twins were about 6 years old, they began involving them in a variety of fundraising events. Over the years, the kids have participated in several events such as walking in the Move for Kids 5K, climbing stairs at Step Up for Kids and working phones at the Radiothon.

Their experiences seeded an interest in health care, and in high school, their daughter did an internship at Lurie Children’s, surveying teens to understand issues that impact child health in Chicago. Their son did a college internship with the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute helping a researcher conduct data analysis of tumor cells. Now 20 years old, the twins have enjoyed their long-term involvement with Lurie Children’s.

“Involving them early in enjoyable events built around giving to Lurie Children’s made giving back a normal part of family life,” says Seth, a member of the Lurie Children’s Foundation Board as well as a member and former chairman of the Children’s Research Fund board. “These were activities we enjoyed doing together and will hopefully instill in them a lifelong passion for helping others.”

The immortal Dr. Seuss said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” The Adams and Prostic families are raising kids who care and are learning as they grow what they can do to make things better for others. We’re glad they’re members of the Lurie Children’s family!

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