Gosain Lab Receives National Research Award

May 31, 2018

Sophia Bidny, an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has received the Crikelair Award at the 2018 annual meeting of the Plastic Surgery Research Council. Bidny is a volunteer in the Gosain craniofacial developmental biology lab at Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute.

The Crikelair Award is given to the best research presentation by a student prior to entering medical school.

Says Arun Gosain, MD, director of the lab: "This is the third year of the six years that our craniofacial biology lab has been active that a student from our lab has won the Crikelair Award. This demonstrates the value that we have been able to provide to undergraduate students who are contemplating careers in medicine. In addition to congratulating Sophia, I wish to congratulate our residents and all members of our lab who consistently mentor these students at such a high level."

The presentation is entitled: Osteoporotic Phenotype of Newly Identified Zebrafish Mutant; the authors are: Sophia A. Bidny, BA, Joanna K. Ledwon, PhD, Jacek Topczewski, PhD, Arun K. Gosain, MD, and Jolanta Topczewska, PhD.