Lurie Children’s ED Quality Coordinator Recognized by Sepsis Alliance “Erin’s Campaign for Kids Nursing Awards”

August 01, 2019

Kim DeNicolo, MSN, RN, CNL, CPEN, a clinical quality coordinator RN in Lurie Children’s Emergency Department, is a recent recipient of the Sepsis Alliance’s Erin’s Campaign for Kids Nursing Awards.

Every year, 80,000 children are hospitalized for sepsis in the U.S. Almost 5,000 children die from sepsis, more than from cancer, and 25 percent to 40 percent of those who survive sepsis suffer from long-term health issues, according to the Children’s Hospital Association.

The Sepsis Alliance recognizes healthcare professionals who demonstrate excellence and commitment to improving outcomes among sepsis patients. In 2018, Kim planned a multidisciplinary rapid improvement event, which led to major process enhancements and improved treatment time for sepsis patients in her facility. Read more about the Erin’s Campaign for Kids Nursing Awards.

As a member of the Children’s Hospital Association, Lurie Children’s also a participates in the Improving Pediatric Sepsis Collaborative (IPSO) which recommends following the International Surviving Sepsis Guidelines for treatment. Lurie Children’s Emergency Department (ED) is committed to improve processes for early recognition and treatment of patients presenting with a concern for sepsis.

The Emergency Department has presented their work at the national IPSO conferences in December 2018 and June 2019. Learn more.