Double Diagnosis: Quest for a Cure for Talia & Anthony

December 03, 2015

Two-year-old Talia and her four-year-old brother, Anthony, are both being treated for cancer at Lurie Children’s. Talia, diagnosed with Wilms tumor, and Anthony, diagnosed with neuroblastoma, are both being treated by oncologist Yasmin Gosiengfiao, MD.

Physician researchers are also studying their tumors as well as tumor tissue samples from children throughout the world to learn more about their conditions. Elizabeth Perlman, MD, head of the hospital’s Renal Pathology Center, reviews more than 95% of all Wilms tumors diagnosed in the United States and is collaborating with the National Cancer Institute on a large-scale gene sequencing project aimed at enabling personalized therapy for these patients. Mary Beth Madonna, MD, pediatric surgeon and neuroblastoma researcher, cares for patients by surgically removing neuroblastoma tumors, a very aggressive tumor affecting young children. Her research focuses on finding new treatments for chemotherapy-resistant tumors.

Watch the video below to learn more about their story and treatment.