Animated Video Launches New Video Library for Parents, Researchers

February 01, 2019


Medical research helps find cures for disease. It can help evaluate treatments, and it provides great benefits to patients and to humanity. But it can be scary and confusing for parents and children when approached by a researcher or clinician to consider participating in a study. As an academic medical center, Lurie Children’s has many opportunities for participation and saw a chance to improve the informed consent process. 

A new award-winning short animated video called “What is Research?” was created in both Spanish and English to answer questions about research and informed consent. Developed by the group Growing Research through Advocacy and Dedication (GRAnD), this is the first in a series of videos to address various aspects of research and patient care. Some of the future topics that will be featured in this library include: Best Practices for Pain Medications after Surgery; Opioid Medication and Disposal; Fertility Preservation; and Biobanking, among others.

GRAnD is a research collaboration and workgroup consisting of clinical research professionals, investigators, and IRB representatives who are committed to improving the lives of children through high impact research at Lurie Children’s.

Watch "What is Research?"