A Thankful Family Reflects on Our Care After a Trip to the ER for Appendicitis

December 16, 2015

Dear Dr. Reynolds and the entire Lurie Children's Hospital ER Team, 

I am writing this message to express the sincere gratitude and profound thanks to ALL that made our “unplanned” visit to your facility a truly amazing experience.

If you recall, on July 27 you received my family and me in your ER on account of my son’s severe abdominal pain. We were a bit over-dressed as we literally had just left a wedding reception after about an hour into the party because Nick’s pain had become too much for him to bear. We had feared it might be his appendix and sure enough, your warm and caring ER staff promptly diagnosed via blood work and an ultrasound that his appendix was inflamed, and it needed to come out!

We had the good fortune to have the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Reynolds, on call that Saturday evening. She handily removed Nick’s appendix in about 40 minutes, and we were discharged the following evening.

One thing to note about this little adventure is that we don’t live in Chicago!!! We had flown in the night before to attend my cousin’s wedding, only to have to leave the reception!

So, as all parents will agree, to be 1,500 miles from home in an unfamiliar city, a huge and beautiful city at that, only to have one of your children require emergency surgery, it is TRULY A BLESSING to live in a country where a facility like Lurie Children’s Hospital exists. But as we all know, the hospital is just a building and what brings it to life are the people who work there. Again, I want to express my sincere gratitude and deepest thanks as a parent, for taking such great care of my son. We cannot thank you enough!!!

You did such a great job that we were still able to wheel my son out on the Sears Tower ledge before heading back home to Miami!

Thank you to Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Long, the ER paramedic and nurses, and the rest of the unsung heroes of the ER staff!!

With love,

The Mekras Family