Internal Grant Awards Announced

December 06, 2018

Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute has merged funds from various institutional and foundation sources to provide one year of research funding to Lurie Children’s investigators so that they can develop projects that will lead to a nationally competitive application for research support within 18 months of receiving the award. In 2018 the Manne Research Institute offered two grant cycles, and the Scientific Advocacy and Interdisciplinary Colloquia are now offered on a rolling basis.

Over the summer, one Interdisciplinary Colloquia submission was awarded:

Jami Josefson, MD, Attending Physician, Endocrinology, Lurie Children's; Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Endocrinology), Feinberg School

Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) III: Grant Planning

The Fall 2018 cycle received two Proposal Revision and seven complete Visionary applications. Two Visionary awards were granted:

Craig Garfield, MD, Attending Physician, Hospital-Based Medicine, Lurie Children's; Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine), Feinberg School

Evaluating father-infant skin-to-skin care as an intervention tool in prematurity-related morbidities in the NICU: physiologic, biologic and psychosocial outcomes in preterm infants and their parents

Tord Alden, MD, Attending Physician, Neurosurgery, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Lurie Children's; Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Feinberg School

Non-Invasive Wireless Thermal Sensors in the Diagnosis of Ventricular Shunt Malfunction in Pediatric Hydrocephalic Patients