Kids' Health Matters

The podcast where pediatricians give parents the evidence-based, practical advice they need to raise healthier, happier kids.

Dr. Nina Alfieri and Dr. Rob Sanchez are both new parents and colleagues at the world-renowned Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

On each episode, Rob and Nina share their own experiences as parents and pediatricians. Along the way, they’ll chat with their co-workers who happen to be some of the brightest minds in pediatric science and medicine. From questions about parenting to child health and wellness, they’ll help answer the questions that keep parents awake at night. This stuff is their passion. We hope it’ll help you too. Because kids’ health matters.

Kids' Health Matters Podcast Ep. 3: How Reading Impacts Early Brain Development

Dr. Mariana Glusman shares how parents can nurture their children’s cognitive, emotional and social development through meaningful, engaging interactions at home.  

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Kids' Health Matters Podcast Ep. 2: Supporting Teen Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on a growing mental health crisis in the United States, impacting a record number of teens and many younger children, too. Pediatric psychiatrist, Aron Janssen, MD, shares ways parents, communities and healthcare providers can give kids the support they need.

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Kids' Health Matters Podcast Ep. 1: What Parents Need to Know About Concussions

Jaqueline Turner, APRN, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, discusses the importance of concussion prevention and management for young patients and offers insights into rule changes in youth sports to help prevent these injuries.

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