RISE: New Peer-Support Program at Lurie Children’s

August 24, 2020

In August, Lurie Children’s launched a new peer-support program, called Resilience in Stressful Events (RISE), which offers free and confidential support 24/7 to all staff who experience a stressful, patient-related event. Events in our complex and demanding healthcare environment, such as death, unanticipated outcomes, errors or complications, can leave a profound emotional impact on those involved, making them “second victims” of the adverse event.

“Second victims can be left feeling responsible for the adverse event, feeling as though they have failed or questioning their clinical judgment,” says Kimberly Lippman, RN, Emergency Department, who is the Interim RISE Program Coordinator. “They might suffer from a number of physical and psychological reactions, from sleeping and eating disturbances to anxiety and discomfort with returning to work. It is critical to get timely support after such events. If these traumatic responses are not addressed, the potential for mistakes and burnout increases substantially.”

Developed in 2010 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, RISE is now implemented in many hospitals across the United States. At Lurie Children’s, the RISE rapid response team consists of over 20 multidisciplinary specially-trained volunteers, including physicians, nurses, chaplains, and others. Staff who experience a strong reaction to an adverse event are encouraged to call RISE at 312.227.RISE. They will receive a call within 30 minutes from one of the responders, who will listen and offer immediate support. A longer meeting will then be scheduled within 24 hours, either on campus or virtually, to help process the event, equip staff with healthy coping strategies and, if needed, connect the person to other resources available at Lurie Children’s.

“We want staff to know that we are here when they need us,” says Kimberly. “Our goal is to support and guide them to continue thriving in their roles.”