For years, tele-echo and tele-radiology has been used by the Heart Center and Medical Imaging Department to interpret clinical images obtained at other locations. Using a variety of telecommunication technologies, including real-time video conferencing equipment, hospitals from around the state and across the globe will be able to collaborate closely with Lurie Children's specialists who can assess the patient, review diagnostic images and data, and provide an expert diagnosis. Our specialists connect with outside organizations using Polycom videoconferencing, a secure platform that will protect patient data.

Watch the video below to see how telemedicine is helping our clinicians communicate with patients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Though Lurie Children's plans to launch more telemedicine services in various specialties in the near future, below are some of the new telemedicine services we've begun providing.

Baby Care Connect

Baby Care Connect allows moms who are still recovering after childbirth to have a video visit with their infants at Lurie Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU). Using iPads with a secure Polycom app, these moms can participate in family-centered rounds and discussions with the care team while also visiting with their child.

A mom and her baby using Lurie Children's Baby Care Connect program

A mother and her newborn using our Baby Care Connect system.

Baby Care Connect is currently available at

Read about what inspired the idea for Baby Care Connect on our blog.

Neurocritical Care Consults

Lurie Children's neurocritical care specialists are available to provide telemedicine consultations directly to the patient and provider during inpatient critical care on 24/7 basis. By offering access to neurocritical care specialists through telemedicine, Lurie Children's can help improve the outcomes of patients in remote locations with the goal of preventing unnecessary patient transfers. The external hospital only needs a telemedicine cart to connect to Lurie Children's via a secure Polycom videoconferencing system.

Neurocritical care consults are currently available at Rockford Memorial Hospital.

Follow-Up Care & Chronic Care Management

We offer a telemedicine service that can be used for follow-up care after being discharged from Lurie Children's, as well as for chronic care management. Families have scheduled telemedicine visits with an advanced practice nurse or physician who can assess the child remotely, respond to concerns, and determine if and when further follow-up visits are needed. This service is expected to reduce emergency department visits and readmissions by addressing the many questions a family might have when bringing a child home after months in a critical care unit. The family can use any device with a camera and internet access to connect to the hospital's secure Polycom videoconferencing system.

Follow-up care and chronic care management are currently available for patients transitioning home from Lurie Children's.

For More Information

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