EpicCare Link

As part of our mission to provide the best care and experience for our patients and providers we now offer EpicCare Link. EpicCare Link is a web-based tool that connects referring pediatric practices to Lurie Children's Epic EMR allowing them to stay informed of critical events for patients with whom they have a relationship.

EpicCare Link will allow referring providers and practice members (that are not part of Community Connect) to have real-time access to information and functions for those patients that we care for together. At no cost for your practice!

Among other capabilities, EpicCare Link provides:

  • Access to the chart of patients being cared for by your practice
  • Messaging capabilities to Lurie Children's specialists (In Basket)
  • Lab, Imaging, Cardiology tests or Rehab Services order entry and results
  • Ability to request an appointment with Lurie Children's specialists (Request For Service Order)
  • Patient consult reports and admitted patient list
  • Get alerts when your patients are seen at Lurie (you can customize which alerts you'd like to see)
  • And more!

Ready to get started?

If you'd like more information before signing up, please contact your physician liaison. You can also get started now by following the steps below. Please follow these guidelines exactly to ensure successful enrollment.

  1. Requesting practice designates a site administrator who will be responsible for communication, entering access requests and keeping approved user lists up-to-date.
  2. Requester will need to complete the Access Request Form.
  3. Requester will need to complete and sign the Practice User Agreement.
  4. Submit the agreement to EpicCareLink@luriechildrens.org or via fax at 1.312.227.9525.
  5. Lurie Children’s will review request and notify practice with approval, welcome email and instructions followed by an activation link.
  6. Appointed site administrator will activate account and will accept Terms & Conditions
  7. Site administrator will request access to practice’s users by entering their information.
  8. Steps 5 and 6 will repeat for each added user.
  9. ALL users will have access to training materials posted in Lurie Children’s EpicCare Link, under quick links section.

After all the required information and Practice User Agreement are submitted, Lurie Children's will review your application and either approve or deny your request. More information around the onboarding process can be found in our FAQ section below. Note: All required information must be provided in order to gain access to Lurie Children's EpicCare Link.

EpicCare Link Frequently Asked Questions