Wellness for Nurses


Working in a healthcare setting can be stressful. Add the toll of unexpected events, and you might be feeling like you’ve hit a wall and don’t know where to go next. All employees, supervisors and colleagues are encouraged to contact the RISE team after any traumatic service-related event. It is critical to get the timely support after such events. Peer support gives employees a safe space to talk about troubling situations. The RISE team can also help identify other available resources. Recipients report that such support reduced feelings of anxiety and blame and helped them recuperate more quickly. 

RISE is a peer support service for any employee who encounters a stressful, patient-related event. Support from RISE is available 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Our mission is to provide timely, confidential, peer-driven support to Lurie Children’s team members who encounter stressful events in the course of service. 

The RISE response team is composed of multidisciplinary peer responders who volunteer to support second victims throughout the organization when an unanticipated stressful event occurs in the course of service. 

RISE Peer Responders are compassionate, active listeners who communicate empathy.  They are able to hold space for those in crisis while maintaining a safe physical and emotional environment.  At the end of the day, peer responders are reflective in their practice in order to learn and grow from their lived experiences.  

When caring for others affects you, RISE is there, providing immediate, free, confidential support from trained peer responders, 24/7. Call 312.227.RISE or email rise@luriechildrens.org

Building Resiliency Workshops

Nurses are at risk for experiencing compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress and burnout. As a way to engage in preventative self-care, Lurie Children's offers resiliency building workshops. These workshops focus on the correlation between provider well-being and high quality, safe patient care. According to the ANA Code of Ethics, nurses must tend to their wholeness of character. The workshop is a part of the RN Residency program, the RT interns as well as the orientation for experienced RNs and CNAs/MAs/SNAs. Building Resiliency workshops are available to staff throughout the year and can be found in WeLearn. Attendance is paid as education time and nursing professional development contact hours are awarded.