Nursing Research

Nursing research informs practice by focusing on how to provide optimal care for patients and their families. At Lurie Children’s, we believe nursing research is essential for the promotion of child and family health. We strive to be a national leader in pediatric nursing science. On the front-lines of patient care, nurses are perfectly positioned to ask bold questions, challenge norms and develop innovative care approaches. In contrast to medical science that seeks a cure for cancer, nursing science attempts to reduce adverse effects from chemotherapy and stress to improve the quality of life during and after treatment. 

Lurie Children’s provides opportunities for our nurses to make discoveries and create new knowledge. Lurie Children’s embraces research by engaging nurses at all levels of practice. The Lurie Children’s Nursing Research Council represents nursing across the institution, fosters nursing research education, promotes and reviews all nurse-initiated studies, and recently instituted the Innovations in Clinical Inquiry nursing research conference. The Prince Nursing Grant Program provides funding and mentorship for nurse-initiated research. In addition to the Prince Grant Program, clinical nurses who serve as primary investigators in research studies may be named Carroll Scholars. The Carroll Scholar program provides additional support and mentoring throughout the research process.

Lurie nurses build scientific knowledge locally, nationally and globally with the goal of improving care for infants, children, teens and young adults. Better pediatric care developed through nursing science improves health outcomes for children, our primary mission at Lurie Children’s. 


Evidence-Based Practice

Lurie Children’s valued nurses set the highest standards for exemplary pediatric nursing in and outside of our hospital. We empower nurses to conduct care based on practices where evidence indicates the best results in children’s health outcomes. As the constant bedside presence for the sickest children, nurses improve healthcare safety and are poised to transform pediatric care that leads to a better quality of life.

Lurie Children’s nurses work to address some of the most problematic issues in pediatric medicine for patients and their families including medication adherence, central line management, healthy lifestyles, stress relief, pain management, behavioral issues, and healthcare transitions, among others.