Continuing Education & Tuition Assistance for Nurses

At Lurie Children’s, we provide nurses with constant educational support. Each one of our units has a designated clinical educator and/or nurse specialist who answers questions, conducts research, discusses treatments, demonstrates procedures and provides support. Nurses at Lurie Children’s never have to look very far for answers. The Department of Clinical Education provides a variety of programs, lectures, workshops, seminars and demonstrations to keep nurses up-to-date with current nursing practices and procedures. And, as a teaching and research hospital, we provide an environment where inquiry is encouraged and learning is a universal goal. Internal grant funding is available for nurses to conduct research related to nursing pediatric concerns.

College Tuition Assistance

Going back to school? We’ll help finance your education through our tuition assistance program. The program pays tuition costs up to $5,000 per year for regular employees. College credit classes or certification that is directly related to an employee’s job or hospital-related are covered. Your courses do not need to relate directly to your current position but need to be applicable to a position at the hospital. And, if you are enrolled in a degree program related to a job at the hospital, and the program requires a course that isn’t job related, we still cover the costs.

To participate, you must be employed by Lurie Children's for six months prior to the start of your class, and you need to complete a tuition reimbursement form, available through Human Resources prior to beginning the class. To learn more about tuition assistance, contact human resources.

Prince Scholarship & Sabbatical Awards

The Prince Scholar and Sabbatical Program is an endowed fund that provides grant support for nurses to attend professional conferences, implement a research proposal or develop an innovative program for nursing practice. Prince Scholar program funds proposals up to $4,000 and the Prince Sabbatical program funds proposals up to $10,000. A call for proposals is distributed each November. Proposals are due by the end of January and funded in February of each year.