Nursing at Lurie Children's

​Nurses at Lurie Children's are committed to providing the highest standard of care based on the knowledge that children are constantly changing individuals who should be encouraged to reach their maximum potential growth and development.

Family-Centered Care

At Lurie Children's, we believe that sick children shouldn't be isolated from their families but should be cared for within the family unit. Our family-centered care environment allows nurses to act as teachers, mentors, researchers, problem-solvers, decision-makers and advocates to these families, while at the same time allowing the staff members to explore and expand their own capabilities and strengths.

Lurie Children's professional nursing staff incorporates families into the plan of care from the time youngsters are admitted until their discharge. The nurses are sensitive to the special needs of children and their families as they prepare to go home. The children often require extended service or therapies at home for their specific medical needs, and our case management nurses coordinate these services, as well as communicate with appropriate community-based programs in order to ensure continuous care and service.

Awards, Accomplishments & Grants

Learn about the various ways our nurses are recognized throughout the community and professional societies. Visit our awards, accomplishments and grants page.

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Our Chief Nursing Officer is Brian Stahulak, MBA, RN, NEA-BC. He holds the Fred Love Krehbiel Chair in Nursing Excellence at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Education & Training

Lurie Children's offers several education and training opportunities to our nurses and potential nurses interested in working with children. Get more information about our continuing education, student nurse opportunities, internship programs and more.

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Advanced Practice Nursing

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Nursing Report

The Nursing Report is published every two years to celebrate the critical roles nurses play at Lurie Children’s.

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