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RN Residency Program

The Lurie Children’s RN Residency Program is an innovative transitioning approach to prepare nurses for a rewarding career in the care of children and families.

Built on the belief that a nurturing learning environment facilitates a sense of belonging and acceptance, this program provides an individualized precepted orientation, guided classroom learning, peer support sessions, clinical exchange opportunities and mentors in evidence-based practice to support nursing excellence. The program invests in Lurie Children’s commitment to create a culture of inclusion and promise to provide employees with resources for professional development.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago RN Residency Program is accredited with distinction as a Practice Transition Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation in Practice Transition Programs.

Five Components of the RN Residency Program

  1. Individualized precepted orientation. The nursing preceptor assists RN residents in learning clinical skills and developing team relationships. The preceptor guides the RN resident in learning nursing responsibilities and becoming a member of the healthcare team.
  2. Pediatric Nursing Classes. RN residents attend integrated clinical classes throughout the first 18 months of employment. Classes focus on specialty pediatric nursing assessment, skills and knowledge. Learning techniques include lecture, discussion, skills practice and patient simulation scenarios. Emergency management skills are developed through pediatric advanced life support and/or neonatal resuscitation classes.
  3. Transition Sessions. The Transition Group discussions offer the RN resident a safe, confidential environment in which experiences are shared. By connecting with peers, the RN resident will learn coping skills in adjusting to a new profession.
  4. Clinical exchange opportunities. The clinical exchange opportunities support the RN resident's development of a holistic approach to pediatric nursing care. This will be accomplished by rotating to multiple patient care areas specific to their patient population, enabling the RN resident to learn the patient experience first hand and build working relationships throughout Lurie Children's.
  5. Evidence-based practice mentorship. Through the completion of an evidence-based practice project with the guidance of a mentor, the RN resident will have the opportunity to explore nursing practice at Lurie Children’s. The mentor shares expertise and helps to develop the RN resident as a professional nurse.

Questions & Answers

What Are the Requirements for the Program?

  • Associate degree in nursing or higher
    • Agreement to start BSN within 2 years if graduating with associates degree
    • Eligible for tuition reimbursement after 6 months employment

When Does the RN Residency Program Begin?

Please note: Due to the high volume of candidates, we strongly recommend applying early. Program start dates (dates subject to change):

Program Start Date Application Open
March 27, 2023 November 19th – December 19th, 2023
August 28, 2023 February 1st – February 28th, 2023
October 23, 2023 February 1st – February 28th, 2023

*August and October start dates will be determined based off graduation dates*

When Should I Apply?

  • Internal Applicants: MUST complete application through Workday App to be considered internal applicant.  This will flag your application as an internal applicant
  • External Applicants: Complete application through Workday

How Do I Apply to the RN Residency Program?

External Applicants: To search current job openings, please visit our jobs website.
Internal Applicants: Log on to Workday App via Lurie computer or home laptop device and search jobs

When Will I Know If My Application Has Been Received?

To check the status of your candidacy, please sign into your profile and review your dashboard of job submittals.

What Does the Interview Process Entail?

The interview process will include an interview with the department or a panel interview.

How Long Is the RN Residency Program and Orientation For Each Area?

The RN Residency program is 18 months in length. Individualized precepted orientation time varies by specialty area.

  • Acute Care 14 weeks
  • Resource Team 18 weeks
  • Critical Care/ED 20 weeks
  • Almost Home Kids 14 weeks
  • Vascular Access Team 10 weeks
  • Operating Room 33 weeks
  • Inpatient Psych 12 weeks
  • Pre/Post Procedural Care 14 weeks

Tips to Consider Before You Apply

  • Think about your top two areas of interest
  • Consider obtaining a clinical experience or practicum through your school in your area of interest, especially for ICU areas
  • While enrolled in school, consider applying for our Student Nurse Program to gain further experience

Lurie Children's is an ANCC Magnet-recognized hospital.