Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Summer Research Program FAQ

Browse our FAQs below for more details on the Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Summer Research Intern Program.

For additional information, contact our research staff

Delanie Rybacki - drybacki@luriechildrens.org 

Amanda Kass - akass@luriechildrens.org


Applications can be submitted until March 1, 2022. Click here to apply. We plan to notify candidates of our decision during the first week of April.

**Deadline update: Priority will be given to those who apply by February 13th, 2022**

The application will include, but is not limited to, submitting your current curriculum vitae (CV) and a cover letter explaining your interest in the department, clinical research, pediatric medicine, and your desire to dedicate time and effort towards the research underway. Top candidates will also participate in a short telephone interview. Letters of recommendation are not required and will not be considered.

Throughout the process we will contact top candidates for a phone interview. During the first week of April, we will notify ALL candidates informing them whether or not they have been chosen.

Yes, students from all institutions and schools are encouraged to apply.

Yes, though please note that this is an unpaid internship and no funds will be distributed for housing.

The internship is for educational enrichment and is unpaid.

Yes, scholarships are available but not required. The Katz Scholarship is available through the Manne Research Institute and Lurie Children's for undergraduate students interested in working with a mentor on a summer research project. This is a full-time program for at least 8 weeks between May and August. The tentative due date for the Katz Scholarship is March 15. Other research scholarships may be available through your educational institution. Interested students should include in their summer intern application that they have applied for/are applying for a scholarship to fund their summer research.

The only specific qualification is to have completed at least your freshmen year in college. We are looking for motivated students who have an interest in learning (more) about clinical research and pediatric medicine. Top candidates will exhibit enthusiasm for furthering the development of strong analytical and problem solving skills. Top candidates will display excellent oral and written communication. We want students who are able to participate well in team learning and committed to learning new skills that they could not obtain in the classroom.

You are eligible to apply with no prior experience, as we encourage those that have not had the opportunity to be exposed to clinical research to apply.

Research staff will supervise and support interns to develop current research project(s) or create new studies. There will be an opportunity for the research intern to develop written and oral skills by presenting his/her summer experience(s) in the form of an abstract or poster, etc. at future meetings or symposiums. Please note that this opportunity most likely would require the student to devote time outside of the internship during the summer and potentially into the school year, if this is desired.

Examples of other experiences and trainings:

  • Learn techniques for data collection, entry, and processing
  • Learn to prepare materials for presentations
  • Learn to conduct literature searches
  • Attend and participate in research team meetings
  • Attend and participate in the Summer Research Intern journal club
  • Attend and participate in other research and clinical presentations and trainings at Lurie, Northwestern, and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab


We expect these internships to expose the intern to all aspects of clinical research. Therefore, interns will spend time each week in our research office observing, assisting in, and completing the necessary efforts for their project(s). Interns will attend relevant weekly meetings with clinical and research staff and attend any seminars relative to the research or clinical medicine.

While this internship is clinical research focused, students will have a broader educational experience through shadowing clinicians in the clinic and operating room.

  • Summer Research Intern Journal Club (collaboration with several other divisions)
  • Lurie Children's Clinical Research Professionals (CRP) Town Halls
  • Summer Research Intern trainings (e.g. HIPAA, Good Clinical Practice)
  • Lab Tours (e.g. simulation lab at Northwestern)
  • Shadowing experiences (clinic and OR)
  • Weekly Research Events at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (diverse topics in research and medicine)
  • Institute of Public Health and Medicine lectures
  • The Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities lectures
  • Developmental and Regenerative Medicine Biology Seminar Series
  • The Women’s Health Research Institute lectures
  • Biostatistics Collaboration Center lectures
  • Center for Reproductive Science: Translational Lecture Series
  • Stanley Manne Research Institute lectures (highly focused on cell & molecular biology)
  • Grand Rounds (Lurie, Northwestern, AbilityLab)
  • Schwartz Rounds
  • Lurie Children’s Town Halls (non-research)