Take a look at what some of our past fellows have to say about our program.


"The best and most fruitful two years of my training without a doubt. My experience in Chicago provided me the skill and confidence to succeed in Academic Urology."
Andrew MacNeily, MD, Chief of Pediatric Urology
Vancouver Children's Hospital
Vancouver, British Columbia

“I really enjoyed my fellowship in Chicago for a number of reasons. As one of the two initial fellows after Bill Kaplan became chief, I benefited from his leadership of the division and restructuring of the fellowship. As a fellow at Lurie Children's, you were given a good deal of autonomy in the clinic and in the OR while still having the opportunity to work closely with several attendings whose clinical and surgical styles were diverse. You were treated more like a peer or junior attending instead of as a subordinate or senior resident.

I liked getting to do procedures in multiple different ways since each attending had certain nuances that each had perfected over the years. Even though I came into fellowship with very little basic science experience, I was able to become a part of a research lab and participate in some projects there while completing several clinical projects of my own choosing and design, resulting in presentations at national meetings, publications in the Journal of Urology and a book chapter during my tenure.

I cannot say enough about what a great city Chicago is and the infinite possibilities are for activities outside of the hospital. Much of where I am now and what I have achieved in my career so far is due to the strong training I received while at Lurie Children's and I always look forward to seeing my Chicago colleagues at reunion dinners and at our meetings."
Seth A. Alpert, MD
Section of Pediatric Urology
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, OH

"I enjoyed the experience very much. I worked with Casey Firlit, Bill Kaplan and mostly with Max Maizels, with whom I wrote a book chapter concerning cystic renal disease. I believe they prepared me very well for private practice. Appreciated operating with all three and the nuances that they taught to me freely. The autonomy given was quite different from any other fellowship that I knew of at the time. I was well prepared for a very busy private practice in Tampa where I have been for 20 years."
Mike Reisman, MD

"When I think back on my year at Lurie Children's, I truly have nothing but good things to say about the program, the experience, the staff and the attendings. I was able to participate on several clinical projects with some wonderful guidance from Earl Cheng and Max Maizels. One of the projects yielded a publication in J. Urology. The clinical experience was wonderful as well. I got plenty of exposure to “bread and butter” pediatric urology as well as the more complex stuff which included exstrophy and quite a few augments.

The most important point I can make about the program was one Dr. Kaplan stressed in his “welcome to the program” discussion. They saw us as colleagues and wanted us to know that was how we should approach being a fellow. That mutual respect made a huge impression on me. That is how I try to approach my life and your program maintained that attitude, which was great."
John Edmondson, MD

"I am grateful for the wide breath of Pediatric Urologic surgical and medical training I received by such an experienced faculty and staff."
Peter D Furness III, MD
Rocky Mountain Pediatric Urology

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) Program

"This coursework has given me the vocabulary to communicate effectively with programmers and statisticians. I have learned about what information and documentation is required for a project before I begin. I've also become more aware of different kinds of research I can engage in. Perhaps the greatest benefit is in learning about people that I can potentially collaborate with on projects. The faculty members in this program are open and approachable. It's easy to discuss research protocols and get their feedback.

Having access to experts in these fields has enhanced my research experience. It has been a wonderful environment to learn and grow as a physician-scientist along with other medical professionals who are at a similar stage in life."
Michaella Prasad, MD
Pediatric Urology Fellow, 2010-2012)