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Recent Graduates


Sara Bachani, MD

Residency Training: Drexel University 
Post-graduation: Staff psychiatrist at Swanson Center, Michigan City, IN

While choosing CAP fellowship programs, I was focused on the Midwest. I had plenty of programs to choose from, but Lurie Children's stood out from the rest: it's an excellent combination of clinical and academic opportunities, along with having a congenial environment and a vigorous didactic program. Having worked at different locations and commuting back and forth during residency, it was important for me to have all my clinical responsibilities in one location without letting go of a culturally and pathologically diverse patient population; Lurie Children's provides just that! The faculty and fellows seem to have a great work-life balance and it’s a big plus to be able to live in such a big city with extensive food and cultural opportunities.

Maureen Joyce, MD, MPH

Residency Training: Rush University 
Post-Graduation: Telepsychiatry private practice in California

I decided to come to Lurie Children's because I am specifically interested in the treatment of medically ill children with psychiatric comorbidities and knew that I wanted to work in a large children's hospital. I also was drawn to the camaraderie between the fellows and the attendings and am very excited to be joining this team. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, exploring Chicago, reading, running (usually slowly), pilates and baking.

Needa Khan, MD

Residency Training: Penn State College of Medicine 
Post-Graduation: Staff psychiatrist at William-Osler HS Brampton Civic Hospital in Brampton Ontario, Canada

The decision to come to Lurie Children’s for my CAP training was not a difficult one to make. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere that was put forth by the faculty and fellows was where it all began. The academic drive and enthusiasm was evident throughout. I ventured this far to be able to attend a strong academic program and knew that this place would provide me with the utmost excellence in training. I wanted to be able to dedicate these next 2 years to becoming a very refined, well experienced clinician that can work with a wide array of diverse populations. I knew that this prestigious institution was going to fulfill that and beyond. I am thrilled to be starting this journey, and am confident that this experience will help me change lives for the better.

Tapan Parikh, MD, MPH

Residency Training: Cooper Medical School at Rowan University 
Post-graduation: Faculty position at Lurie Children’s 

I found the faculty and fellows to be very friendly and helpful. I was very impressed with the availability of rich clinical exposure. The program also allows numerous electives, a list that is perfectly inclusive of all of my particular areas of interest within child and adolescent psychiatry. Lurie Children's being the best children's hospital in the region with national reputation and learning how supportive the environment is at both clinical and scholarly fronts, I was left with no doubt that I wanted to be here!



Timothy Balkaran, MD

Residency Training: University of Louisville
Post-Graduation: Outpatient Psychiatrist, BestSelf Behavioral Health, Buffalo, NY

What I wanted out of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training was to learn from the best in a city with a rich and diverse culture. Lurie Children’s was the perfect match. It combined a state of the art facility with passionate staff, knowledgeable and approachable faculty, and numerous elective opportunities, all in the center of one of the most culturally diverse cities in America. So far, my experience has lived up to my lofty expectations. Wherever I go after training, I know I will be well prepared.

Elizabeth Kurian, DO 

Residency Training: Drexel University 
Post-Graduation: Outpatient Group Practice

What attracted me to the fellowship program at Lurie Children's most was how friendly and approachable all of the attendings were, and how there was a strong focus on being a good clinician more than anything else. It is really remarkable to see how proud people are to work here; it really shines through in their work with children, their families, and each other. A superficial reason for being here is that the most of our training is in one (very nice) facility, allowing me to focus more of my time and energy on learning child psychiatry rather than on more mundane things such as traffic and directions to a bunch of different locations!

EunJoo Lee, MD

Residency Training: University of Southern California 
Post-Graduation: Outpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California

I chose to do my CAP fellowship at Lurie Children’s because of its impressive reputation for quality for both patient care and trainee education. The program is unbelievably supportive and the educational opportunities are unmatched. Chicago is the largest metropolitan city in the area and we are fortunate to be able to see such a wide variety of cases. I am confident that training at Lurie Children's will prepare me to go into any field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry with ease.

Shivani Sharma, MD, MPH

Residency Training: Rosalind Franklin University
Post-Graduation: Riveredge Hospital

I am a Chicago native and I knew that I wanted to stay in this awesome city for my specialty training. Because of that, there was no question that Lurie Children's was the place to be. Not only does it have an amazing reputation in the Midwest and around the whole country, but it also offers a unique multidisciplinary approach and brings a huge array of pathologies and patient populations. So far my training experience has already exceeded my expectations; I have met amazing colleagues, educators, and faculty here and I continue to feel so fortunate to be a part of this program.



As​ra Ahmed, MD

Residency Training: Virginia Commonwealth University
Post-Graduation: Locum tenens

During residency, I was engaged in community-based research focused on primary prevention interventions to reduce substance abuse in child and adolescent populations. Lurie Children’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department has a strong emphasis on academic learning and has given me the opportunity to teach and mentor other trainees.  

Amandeep Jutla, MD

Residency Training: UCLA San Fernando Valley
Post-Graduation: Research Fellowship Whitaker Developmental Neuropsychiatry Scholar, Columbia University, New York

I came to Lurie Children's in large part because I was impressed with the child psychiatry department's serious attitude towards training and the needs of trainees. Our lectures are protected and thoughtfully structured, our clinical experiences are calibrated to represent a diverse cross-section of patients, and our faculty are approachable and enthusiastic about teaching. Above all, there’s an atmosphere of scholarly collegiality that makes this a great place to work.

Joseph Kosmach, DO

Residency Training: Mayo Clinic
Post-Graduation: Clinical Director, Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, San Diego

What brought me to Lurie Children’s is that I knew I wanted my CAP training to occur at a strong academic institute and Lurie Children's is certainly that. This is the only stand-alone children’s hospital in the city. Being interested in consult-liaison and eventually collaborative care, it was important for me to see, learn and be around complicated medical cases, which you will only see at big academic stand-alone children hospitals.  Since being here, I have not been disappointed with the pathology and complexity of the cases, both medically and psychiatrically.

Janell Tabora, MD

Residency Training: University of Alabama
Post-Graduation: Locum tenens

I chose Lurie Children’s because I was looking for a comprehensive program that provided a wealth of experiences as well as patient diversity.  Lurie Children's is well known for its amazing faculty and multidisciplinary collaborations with other mental health providers.  I wanted to work in a hospital environment that would excite and motivate me to be the best practitioner possible.


Courtney Romba, MD

Residency Training: Rush University Medical Center  
Post-Graduation: Faculty at Northwestern University/Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

I was drawn to Lurie Children’s fellowship program for its breadth of clinical experiences, strong dedication to fellow education and warm, collegial environment.

Meghan Schott, DO

Residency Training: Allegheny General Hospital 
Post-Graduation: Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado

I was drawn to Lurie Children’s CAP program because it offered an extensive array of intensive services in child psychiatry. My career goals include working in an inpatient unit or in a child psychiatric ER and hence I wanted a program that would be able to provide me ample teaching in these areas. In addition, I wanted to live in a large city where I can still do all the things that I enjoy doing including soccer, good food, and community service. ​

Juvaria Shahabuddin, MD

Residency Training: Loyola University 
Post-Graduation: Aurora Health Care in Kenosha, Wisconsin

I grew up in the Chicagoland area and wanted to stay close to home. I was impressed by the new Lurie Children’s and its facilities. I wanted to receive training with a diverse patient population with a multidisciplinary team. I felt welcomed by the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Department and have met some of the most compassionate individuals I have ever met along my career path. I have worked in a variety of settings and was able to have continuity with patients since all of these programs were located on the same floor within the hospital. It has been a wonderful experience!

Rahul Sharma, MD

Residency Training: Creighton University
Post-Graduation: Dreyer Medical Group in Aurora, IL

As a native of Chicago, I knew that one day I’d want to return to my hometown. Lurie Children’s offered a robust training experience where fellows have the opportunity to work with a highly diverse patient population. In addition to a strong academic culture and knowledgeable faculty, fellows are provided with the tools and resources to become successful Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.


Poonam Gill, MD
Residency Training: SUNY-Buffalo
Post-Graduation: ClinicalAssistant Professor, Stony Brook University Medical Center, Stony Brook, NY

John Lindo, MD
Residency Training: Western Michigan University School of Medicine / Michigan State University KUMS
Post-Graduation: Assistant Clinical Professor, UC Riverside School of Medicine, Moreno Valley, CA

Colleen McGuire, MD
Residency Training: Northwestern University
Post-Graduation: Compass Health Center, Chicago, IL

Sarosh Nizami, MD
Residency Training: University of Maryland, Sheppard-Pratt
Post-Graduation: Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX


Sarah Florence, MD
Residency Training: Rush University Medical Center
Post-Graduation: Private Practice, Chicago, IL

Stacy Lynn Greeter, MD
Residency Training: Northwestern University
Post-Graduation: Trillium Family Services, Portland, OR

Heide Hullsiek Rollings, MD
Residency Training: University of Connecticut Health Center
Post-Graduation: Assistant Clinical Professor, Michigan State University, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, Grand Rapids, MI; Training Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Sarah Diamond Steuerman, MD
Residency Training: University of Illinois at Chicago
Post-Graduation: The Bloomberg Institute, Northbrook, IL​