Current Fellows

CAP 1 Fellows (Class of 2025)

Nikita Patel, MD

Dr. Patel joins us from Community Health Network in Indianapolis, where she completed three years of training in general psychiatry prior to her fellowship training. In residency, she served as the third-year chief resident. Dr. Patel attended medical school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and completed her undergraduate education at Washington University in St. Louis, where she studied anthropology and biology.  In her free time, Dr. Patel enjoys cooking, exploring new restaurants, travelling, and marathoning a good comedy (Friends!).

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"I chose to train at Lurie Children’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program because of the robust clinical experience I would receive through the diverse patient population and psychopathology seen, while receiving support and training through renowned faculty. Furthermore, Lurie Children’s is a nationally ranked children’s hospital and provides exceptional, multidisciplinary care for its patients. Along with the educational experience, I was drawn to the bustling city of Chicago with endless opportunities to explore any interest, and the hospital being in the heart of downtown is an added perk!"


Roxanna De La Torre, MD

Dr. De La Torre attended St. George’s University and joins us from SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University/ Kings County Hospital Center where she completed her Psychiatry residency and served as a chief resident. A native of Chicago, Dr. De La Torre completed her undergraduate education at DePaul University where she studied psychology, with a concentration in human development, and did neuroscience research. In residency, she Co-Led the development of a Pilot mentorship program connecting resident physicians with middle/high school/early college students of under-represented minorities from Central Brooklyn for individual and group mentorship. She also facilitated the development and implementation of six, two-hour college preparation and mental health dialogue virtual workshops. She has two publications, four poster presentations and is fluent in Spanish. Her interests include serious mental illness, early psychosis, trauma, early childhood development, psychodynamic psychotherapy. In her free time, Dr. De La Torre enjoys freelance photography, salsa dancing, traveling, watching documentaries and watching live music concerts at small venues.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"As a Chicago native, I am grateful that Lurie brought me back home after spending 8 years away for medical and psychiatric training. I chose to train at Lurie Children’s because of its focus on providing a high-quality learning environment for trainee's professional development, rich clinical diversity under the mentorship of some of the most prominent experts in our field and exposure to a multidisciplinary, evidenced based & family systems approach to treatment. When exploring programs, I got the sense that, central to Lurie’s professional culture, was a strong sense of teamwork, warmth and support. Being here in person has confirmed this and I couldn’t be happier! Amid the national shortage of child and adolescent mental health providers, I feel a great sense of dedication and privilege to contribute to raising awareness, easing the stigma attached to mental illness and playing a role in a child’s healing process. After all, they are our future and the greatest investment we can make."

Matthew Fiorillo, MD

Dr. Fiorillo attended medical school at the University of New England in Portland, Maine, and completed his general psychiatry residency training at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. While in residency, Dr. Fiorillo participated in research involving excited delirium. He has been published in Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, and was honored to present an oral paper at the annual Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (ACLP) conference in November 2022. Additionally, Dr. Fiorillo has previously enjoyed instructing medicine residents in the management of agitated and suicidal patients. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the Chicago restaurant scene, playing and watching sports, and going on walks with his wife and dogs.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"Lurie Children’s is a nationally renowned academic medical center located in the heart of downtown Chicago. As a fellow, I am exposed to diverse and often complicated psychopathology, and also have the unique ability to learn directly from experts in the field. In fact, many of our attendings have been involved in the seminal studies. Additionally, the program offers a wide range of practice settings and specialty clinics, which will allow me to develop into a confident and well-rounded child psychiatrist. However, and perhaps most importantly, the CAP fellowship fosters a sense of collaboration and inclusivity. In my first year, I have consistently felt well-supported by attendings, co-fellows, and the support staff. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to train here!"

Daniel Nulty, MD

Dr. Nulty attended undergraduate and medical school at Washington University in St Louis and completed residency at the University of Iowa. During his residency, he spent time serving on the policy committee, the wellness committee, and the resident liaison committee. His professional interests include depression in adolescents, ethics, and the intersection of religious beliefs and mental health. In his free time, Dr. Nulty enjoys playing drums, writing poetry, reading, and spending time with his wife and daughter.  

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"I chose Lurie Children's for the academic rigor, the bustling city feel, and the range of clinical experiences… and it doesn’t hurt that just outside the hospital doors there is a thriving culinary and music scene, all set against a backdrop of Midwestern hospitality! The education for budding child psychiatrists is second to none, with readily approachable experts who lead the didactics and supervise the clinical experiences."

Jean Taj Vilus, MD

Dr. Vilus joins us from Northwestern University after completing his fourth year of general psychiatry residency training. Prior to residency, he matriculated through Boston University School of Medicine through the Early Medical School Selection Program which has a focus of promoting underrepresented minorities into medical school. Throughout his career, he has shown a focus on volunteering and mentorship, as he has provided clothes and food to the homeless population in Boston through the Outreach Van Project, and starting a program to garner interest in the STEM field in High school freshman. During residency, he has been involved in Northwestern McGaw Underrepresented Residents & Fellows Forum (NMURFF) which has a focus on service, leadership, and career development. He served as Chief Resident of Recruitment for his residency program, and has developed an interest in mental health in disadvantaged communities, particularly the African-American community, and is working on a research project looking at stigma of mental health in the community and developing interventions to lower stigma. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, playing with his hyperactive dog, Cairo, running, and playing the guitar.  

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

“Having trained at Northwestern, I was able to work closely with the Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists at Lurie and was immediately drawn to the warm and inviting environment the attendings and fellows had created. Being a part of a family is very important to me, and Lurie gave me that impression from my first rotation with them, despite it being in the middle of the pandemic. I also wished to train in an urban environment, where I would get a exposed to various pathologies, get a robust education, and learn from various providers with different styles to get a well-rounded training experience. Chicago has been my home for decades, and Lurie continued to feel like home, so it was an easy decision.”

Sonam Vyas, MD

Dr. Vyas attended St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed residency at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. She attended St. Louis University for undergrad where she studied biology and received the St. Louis University Vice Presidential Merit Scholarship.  She has pursued research experiences previously and has published in Molecular Case Studies.  During her free time, she enjoys making candles, photography, biking, reading non-fiction books and meditation. 

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

“There were so many reasons I chose Lurie Children's. I wanted to return home to Chicago after being away for over 10 years. I felt that this program would provide me with a highly educational and supportive environment. I also knew that training in a large children's hospital in Chicago would provide me with the clinical experience that I was looking for and allow me to work with a diverse population.”

CAP 2 Fellows (Class of 2024)

John Ernzen, MD

Dr. Ernzen joins us from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago where he completed three years of training in general psychiatry immediately prior to his fellowship training. He has now been in Chicago for the better part of a decade, having completed medical school at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine before residency. Prior to this, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at Arizona State University along with some graduate work in education policy. He continues to be interested in education, having served on curriculum review committees during medical school and as class representative during residency. In his free time he enjoys running/lifting, traveling, trying new restaurants, and playing bar trivia with friends.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"I chose to complete my child and adolescent psychiatric training at Lurie Children’s due to the comprehensive nature of the program. As a nationally ranked children’s hospital, Lurie Children's offers a variety of complex cases from which to learn and robust faculty under whom I can train. What’s more, the hospital makes a point of prioritizing behavioral health and is dedicated to being on the forefront of the growing adolescent mental health crisis."

Raymond Gonzales, MD

Dr. Gonzales attended medical school at the American University of Caribbean and completed residency at Citrus Health network/Florida International University HWCOM. Dr. Gonzales was the Wellness Chief of his residency program, where he created peer mentorships, promoted learning and work-life balance by coordinating wellness events and attaining amenities for his fellow residents. In residency, he presented poster at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry annual meeting. Prior to medical school, Dr. Gonzales attended Boston University for undergraduate education and studied human physiology. Dr. Gonzales was inducted into the Alpha Omega Phi honor society in medical school. He completed one additional year of child and adolescent psychiatry at University of South Florida where he constructed FDA-approved resource to help facilitate a smoother transition for residents/fellows entering the field of child psychiatry. During his free time, Dr. Gonzales enjoys playing volleyball, composing music, playing guitar and attending concerts.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"I chose Lurie Children's for its robust training experience at a top-ranked children's hospital in the most-populated city in Midwest (3rd highest in the US). The acuity level of patients is often high, and many patients come from the surrounding states in addition to Illinois. One of the most appealing aspects for me was having the unique opportunity to learn from attendings with a variety of training backgrounds, many specializing in specific types of disorders. On interview day, the program faculty and fellows were warm and welcoming. The fellows were supportive of each other and spent time together outside of working hours. Lastly, Chicago as a city is fun, walkable, diverse, yet affordable in comparison to other major cities." 

Damian (Dongho) Gwak, MD

Dr. Gwak joined us from Rush University where he completed his third year of adult psychiatry residency. Prior to attending medical school, he obtained a BA in Biochemistry at Rice University while involved in bioengineering research. He completed his medical school training at Texas A&M School of Medicine. Dr. Gwak was previously also involved in research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and taught as a middle and high school standardized testing math teacher in Houston, TX. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, indoor rock climbing and bouldering, and visiting Chicago restaurants.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"I was drawn to the fellowship program at Lurie Children's due to the large number of clinical and academic opportunities the program offers to their fellows. It offers robust inpatient and outpatient training experiences, as well as access to a large variety of psychopathology and cultural diversity in the patient population that it serves. Additionally, it provides an excellent didactic curriculum and up-to-date, thought provoking grand rounds held throughout the fellowship. I would also have the honor to work with an exceptional faculty consisting of well-regarded and prominent experts in the field, as well as fellows who are all very welcoming and friendly. With an interest in outpatient adolescent psychiatry, I am confident that upon completion of this fellowship I will be able to serve my community as a knowledgeable, competent, and capable child psychiatrist."

Christy Ky, MD

Dr. Ky joins us from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While in residency, she earned the Jinger Hoop Memorial Award for Ethics in Psychiatry and the Psychiatry Research Writing Award. Her interests include early psychosis, collaborative care, cultural psychiatry, and women’s mental health. In her free time, she enjoys taking barre classes, exploring Chicago’s restaurant scene, and trying new recipes.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"Training in a big children’s hospital in a diverse city like Chicago promises a robust clinical experience that will help grow my knowledge and prepare me to pursue my interests in the field. I feel confident that at the end of my training, I will be able to manage both simple cases along with medically and psychiatrically complex cases. I am also excited to continue living in Chicago for another two years!"

Jasleen Singh, MD

Dr. Singh joins us from Rosalind Franklin University after completing her third year of general psychiatry residency. She also attended Loyola University Chicago for undergrad and medical school. Dr. Singh has seven prior publications and has been first author for several, including recent publications on the roles of arginine vasopressin and oxytocin in major depressive disorder. During residency she served as Chief Resident for Medical Student Education and was also heavily involved with Illinois Psychiatric Society where she continues to serve as editor of their Mind Matters newsletter, chair of the IPS Resident-Fellow Member Committee, and IPS Council member. She was awarded as IPS Resident of the Year in 2021. She was also given the CDR Burke Culture of Excellence Award in 2022 for Profound Therapeutic Impact and is the only resident to have received this award. During her free time, she enjoys dancing, music, trying different cultural foods, reading, gardening, and teaching/tutoring. 

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"Having trained locally, I knew that I wanted to stay in the Midwest for CAP fellowship training. It was also important to me that I train at a large academic center where I would receive a robust education, be able to work inter-disciplinarily on a team, and be able to work alongside other co-fellows to make for a better learning environment. I was lucky to have rotated at Lurie Children’s Inpatient Psychiatry Unit while on an away rotation as a medical student, and thus had first-hand experience to the quality of care, multi-disciplinary approach, and overall environment and camaraderie within the program. I also felt that the program’s affiliation to Northwestern University enhanced the emphasis on education and allowed for the ability to work with and teach medical students and adult psychiatry residents. Furthermore, Lurie Children’s Hospital has been ranked by US News and World Report as #1 in Illinois and #7 in the Midwest, so I knew that I would be getting good clinical exposure, have the opportunity to work with a diverse population and be able to learn from some of the best! Not to mention, being in the heart of Chicago was definitely a nice perk, with access to all of Chicago’s diversity, richness, and great food!"

Garseng Wong, MD

Dr. Wong joins us from New York University Grossman School of Medicine after completing his third year of general psychiatry residency, where he pursued his interest in medical education by leading exam review sessions for psychiatry clerkship students and developing an e-handbook for residents and medical students to reference on their clinical rotations. Outside of medicine, he enjoys staying active, singing, and exploring the city of Chicago.

Why did you choose to train at Lurie Children’s?

"I wanted to pursue a fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in order to deepen my understanding of people and their mental health through the lifespan. I chose to train at Lurie Children's because it offered a range of practice settings and specialty clinics, which I felt would provide me with ample exposures to confidently practice independently at the end of my training. I was also eager to return to Chicago, where you can find a great quality of life with the excitement of living in a bustling city."