Improvements in the OR: An Update from the Surgical Services Roadmap Team Subcommittee

The Surgical Services Roadmap Team, a subcommittee within Procedural Services, continues to work on continuous improvement on a number of fronts. Teamed together, Lurie Children's surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and support staff have kicked off several initiatives beginning with the development of an Operating Room Roadmap. The roadmap is intended to serve as a guide for improvement of our services over the next 12 months. The entire surgery team has met together on subsequent Monday mornings to hear excellent speakers discuss topics ranging from Change Management and Self-Care and the importance of taking good care of one’s self and our overall wellbeing. Beginning with these topics as well as an overall update on the current state of the Operating Room and the addition of internal Quality Consultants to the Procedural Council teams, exciting initiatives are getting started.

In keeping with our commitment to improvement, a new resource was developed for staff and providers to report on any issue they may encounter during the course of their day. The OR Partners in Improvement process has recently been rolled out across Surgical Services. The goal of the initiative is to provide a quick and easy resource, which can be used to ensure department leaders are aware of issues that would not have been reported in a trackable method. The form can be accessed using a QR code and a personal phone, or by accessing a website which will bring the user to the form, and within 90 seconds the issue can be reported. Since implementation on March 4th, numerous opportunities for improvement have been identified and are being worked on.

In an effort to gain additional information and a baseline for improvement, a SWOT analysis was also undertaken with all Operating Room users, including staff who support the OR, in attendance. Using Mentimeter technology, staff and providers gathered with members of their surgical specialty teams and provided input on a series of questions focused on identification of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to our Operating Room’s future performance. Results were shared with all participants with the goal of developing teams who can identify next steps to continue to deliver the best surgical care possible to all children.

Improvement efforts in Surgical Services are an ongoing team process and cover a wide range of complex subjects. Ranging from addressing issues of burnout, change management, development of a just culture and identifying information sharing and improvement opportunities, the Surgical Services team is well positioned to make ongoing and positive improvements.