Current Fellows

CAP 1 Fellows (Class of 2021)

Jailan Hanafy, MD

Residency Training: University of South Carolina Palmetto Health

I wanted to train in my CAP fellowship at Lurie Children’s because of its impressive reputation for quality for both patient care and education. The program and staff are really supportive and the educational opportunities are unmatched. So far, my training experience has already exceeded my expectations. I have met incredible educators and faculty here as well as colleagues, and I continue to feel so fortunate to be a part of this program. I am confident that training at Lurie Children's will prepare me well for my career as a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Daniel Janiczak, MD

Residency Training: Hennepin County Regions

Lurie Children's fellowship program stood out with faculty who exemplified a dedication to quality care and high regard for the educational experience of trainees. I was drawn to a department that had exciting initiatives underway such as the collaborative care model of integrating child psychiatry and pediatric primary care. This was also an unbeatable opportunity to work in a diverse city and at a hospital where many families come because of an expectation of excellent care. It seemed like an environment full of approachable, friendly and hard-working people which would make it easy to show up to work every day! Last but not least, I was excited to have the chance to be near family and explore this great city again after several years away.

John Lee, MD

Residency Training: University of Hawaii

I chose Lurie Children's to do my CAP fellowship because of the program's dedication to provide a learning environment that puts education first. Plus, the combination of training at the top children's hospital in a major metropolitan area was a no-brainer. Having awesome co-fellows doesn't hurt either. Also, I've heard great things about Chicago winters.

James McKenzie, DO, MBA

Residency Training: Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School

I chose to complete my fellowship at Lurie Children's because of the ways I thought it would complement my previous training experiences, while continuing to build and strengthen skills that will be important for my career. During my interview, I saw that trainees were given ample opportunity to learn family therapy, and encouraged to think of our young patients within their larger social context. The faculty seemed excited to teach, and current fellows highlighted the didactics as a strength of the program. Lurie Children's also provides a bright and supportive work environment, and the hospital seems to be motivated to create a system of care that provides excellent clinical work by providers who have the resources needed to do so. It also provided an exciting chance to experience downtown Chicago, with all the advantages that metropolitan living affords. All in all, it checked all my boxes and was the best match for me.

Sarah Michael, MD

Residency Training: New York University

For me, the fellowship program at Lurie Children's offered a place where education is just as important as clinical work, the staff is warm, friendly, and supportive, and an important stronghold in the city of Chicago for children's mental health. I was impressed with the effort and energy put into both didactics and teaching on clinical rotations. Despite Lurie Children's being a busy hospital, everyone was warm and friendly, seemed happy to be working there, and were very supportive. I also enjoyed the focus on the multi-disciplinary approach to patient and have found working with social workers, psychologists, and recreational therapists vital and educational. Lastly, I wanted to work at a hospital that was dedicated to bettering the community around it and allowed me to work with families from diverse backgrounds. So far, my experience has exceeded my expectations, and I continue to be excited to a part of this program. 

Tyler Stoltz, MD

Residency Training: University of South Carolina Palmetto Health

I am very excited to be completing my Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training at a premiere hospital in one of America’s most culturally rich cities. Lurie Children’s promises to offer a wide array of interactions with patients and faculty from many different backgrounds, and I will have the opportunity to encounter patients with many different psychopathologies and learn by experience. Chicago was a main attraction for me as well, as there is no shortage of concerts, festivals, and sports. These two years will be exciting, inside and outside of work!


CAP 2 Fellows (Class of 2020)

Sara Bachani, MD

Residency Training: Drexel University 

While choosing CAP fellowship programs, I was focused on the Midwest. I had plenty of programs to choose from, but Lurie Children's stood out from the rest: it's an excellent combination of clinical and academic opportunities, along with having a congenial environment and a vigorous didactic program. Having worked at different locations and commuting back and forth during residency, it was important for me to have all my clinical responsibilities in one location without letting go of a culturally and pathologically diverse patient population; Lurie Children's provides just that! The faculty and fellows seem to have a great work-life balance and it’s a big plus to be able to live in such a big city with extensive food and cultural opportunities.

Maureen Joyce, MD, MPH

Residency Training: Rush University 

I decided to come to Lurie Children's because I am specifically interested in the treatment of medically ill children with psychiatric comorbidities and knew that I wanted to work in a large children's hospital. I also was drawn to the camaraderie between the fellows and the attendings and am very excited to be joining this team. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, exploring Chicago, reading, running (usually slowly), pilates and baking.

Needa Khan, MD

Residency Training: Penn State College of Medicine 

The decision to come to Lurie Children’s for my CAP training was not a difficult one to make. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere that was put forth by the faculty and fellows was where it all began. The academic drive and enthusiasm was evident throughout. I ventured this far to be able to attend a strong academic program and knew that this place would provide me with the utmost excellence in training. I wanted to be able to dedicate these next 2 years to becoming a very refined, well experienced clinician that can work with a wide array of diverse populations. I knew that this prestigious institution was going to fulfill that and beyond. I am thrilled to be starting this journey, and am confident that this experience will help me change lives for the better.

Tapan Parikh, MD, MPH

Residency Training: Cooper Medical School at Rowan University 

I found the faculty and fellows to be very friendly and helpful. I was very impressed with the availability of rich clinical exposure. The program also allows numerous electives, a list that is perfectly inclusive of all of my particular areas of interest within child and adolescent psychiatry. Lurie Children's being the best children's hospital in the region with national reputation and learning how supportive the environment is at both clinical and scholarly fronts, I was left with no doubt that I wanted to be here!

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