Lurie Children’s Pediatric Partners Clinically Integrated Network

Lurie Children’s Pediatric Partners Clinically Integrated Network, LLC (LCPP), is Chicago's first health care network exclusively focused on improving the health and well-being of children and teens. The clinically integrated network is governed by pediatric practitioners committed to improving health outcomes, coordinating across the continuum of care, and encouraging appropriate utilization of resources.

The corporate owners of LCPP are the Children's Community Physicians Association (CCPA); Children's Faculty Practice Plan (FPP); and Lurie Children's.


Our mission is to improve the health outcomes of the pediatric population by providing comprehensive, coordinated and family-centered care in an efficient and effective manner.


Our vision is to:

  • Develop a strategically driven and structured approach to integration and improvement of care across the network.
  • Support clinicians in achieving clinically meaningful practice transformation, translating evidence-based research into practice, utilizing process improvement tools to enhance operations, and emphasizing population health.
  • Secure value-based payment structures that support achieving our mission.
  • Monitor and benchmark the quality of care and outcomes using a balanced set of metrics.

LCPP assumes a long-term population health approach, and data-driven best practices and guidelines are established and monitored to drive improvement across the network. The areas of focus include care coordination, behavioral health integration, disease management, patient experience, well-care and immunizations.

LCPP is currently participating in several value-based arrangements. Our network providers continue to be proactive in identifying opportunities to improve quality while, at the same time, reducing unnecessary costs and utilization of health care services. The network has also established partnerships with appropriate physician and hospital affiliates to ensure access to its services.

Please email us for additional information or to inquire about membership.