Meet Our APPs

Meet Lurie Children's team of Advanced Practice Providers (APP's) in the profile videos below.

Julie Chesterton, APRN-NP (Interventional Radiology)

Laura Duffy, APRN-NP, CPNP (Kidney Diseases)

Anne Havrilla, APRN-CRNA, MSN (Anesthesiology)

Maureen Haugen, MS, APRN-NP, CPNP-PC, CPON (Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders)

Elizabeth Hood, RN, MS, MBA, APRN-NP, CPNP (Pediatric Surgery)

Jenifer Horn, APRN-NP, MSN, FNP-C (Heart Center)

Lindsay Jackson, APRN-NP (Heart Center)

Meghan Kostyk, APRN-NP, CPNP, CCD (Orthopedics & Sports Medicine)

Suzanne Kujawa, APRN-NP, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC (Pediatric Surgery)

Laurene Malinowski, APRN-NP, MSN, CPNP (Heart Center)

Audrey Rosenblatt, APRN-CRNA, MSN (Anesthesiology)

Laurie Sands, APRN-NP (Pediatric Surgery)

Kyleen Young, APRN-NP, CPNP-PC (Kidney Diseases)