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The purpose of the 2022 FCHIP DAD Pilot funding is to encourage researchers to expand their work beyond a maternal-child or dyadic focus as a way to begin to collect pilot data that allows for a more holistic and contemporary view of families.

These pilot funds are limited and are to be used to help researchers move forward when they find themselves saying “if I only had a little more funding I could ______.” Pilot funds can be used to expand the conceptualization and data available for areas researchers are studying in order to include fathers, partners, and non-birthing parents. The pilot work should fit with the researcher’s long-term goals and that of the team working with the researcher.

Awardees agree to submit two short, written updates for inclusion on the FCHIP website, with the first mid-progress work and the second upon conclusion of the pilot project.

For the application, please plan on writing approximately 1-3 pages overall. Your responses will help FCHIP better understand how the pilot program and associated data fits into your larger research agenda.

To apply click here.