2023 FCHIP Different Approaches to Data (DAD) Pilot Grant Program

The purpose of the 2023 FCHIP DAD Pilot funding is to encourage researchers to expand their work beyond a maternal-child or dyadic focus and initiate collection of pilot data that allows for a more holistic and contemporary view of families. 

Pilot funds are limited and are to be used to help researchers move forward when they find themselves saying “if I only had a little more funding I could ______.” Pilot funds can be used by researchers to expand conceptualization and available data to include fathers, partners, and non-birthing parents. The pilot work should fit with the researcher’s long-term goals, and the goals of the full research team. 

Awardees agree to submit two short, written updates for inclusion on the FCHIP website. The first update will be a mid-progress work update; the second update will be submitted upon conclusion of the pilot project.

Your application responses will help FCHIP better understand how the pilot program and associated data fits into your larger research agenda. 

To learn what our previous recipients have done: 2021 winners and 2022 winners.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email fchip@luriechildrens.org. Please submit your application by Tuesday, October 31, 2023.