Facility Recognition

It is essential that all hospitals have appropriately trained staff, effective processes (policies, guidelines, training requirements, quality improvement initiatives) and resources (medications, supplies, equipment) to care for children. The Federal EMS for Children program has a set of performance measures that each state needs to work to achieve. Performance Measures (PM) 04 and 05 require standardized systems that recognize hospitals that are capable of stabilizing and/or managing pediatric medical emergencies (PM 04) and pediatric trauma (PM 05).  The Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) Pediatric Facility Recognition Program outlines core criteria that hospitals need to meet to support their capacity and readiness to effectively deliver pediatric emergency, critical and specialty care.

Visit the IDPH EMSC website to learn more about the pediatric facility recognition program, see the hospitals designated at the PCCC, EDAP and SEDP levels, access renewal and initial application packets, and the hospital site survey schedule and other resources.

Illinois EMSC pediatric quality improvement resources can be accessed at Publichealthlearning.com