Functional and Access Needs (FAN)/At-Risk Populations Annex

The Functional and Access Needs (FAN)/At-Risk Populations Annex provides operational guidance to ensure the needs of FAN/At-Risk Populations are addressed to improve equity in access to emergency response services and resources. These are vulnerable individuals, groups, and/or populations that may have additional needs before, during, and after a disaster.  Examples include: children, elderly, pregnant women, those with functional and access needs, pre-existing health conditions (including behavioral health), limited English proficiency, homeless, low socioeconomic status, among others. Their additional needs may be related to issues such as physical and/or cognitive disabilities, age, or language skills. The needs of these individuals, groups, and/or populations may not be fully addressed by traditional or standard response and recovery resources.

The FAN Resource Guide is a companion document that was developed to provide guidance and resources when planning for these populations.