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State Plans

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is the lead agency for all public health and medical response operations in Illinois. Per Illinois statute (210 ILCS 50/3.255), the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) shall develop and implement an emergency medical disaster plan to assist and support emergency medical services personnel and health care facilities in public health emergencies. The state emergency medical disaster plan, hereinafter titled the IDPH Emergency Support Function 8: Public Health and Medical Services Plan (IDPH ESF-8 Plan), is the guide for IDPH emergency response and recovery operations, outlining specific actions in support of LHDs, hospitals, emergency medical services, long-term care facilities, and health and medical center site response and recovery activities. In addition to the base IDPH ESF-8 Plan, there are annexes that address considerations for specific populations, and/or incidents.  These annexes include:

The IDPH ESF-8 Plan and annexes can be accessed via the links above, or by visiting the IDPH website (on the Public Health & Health Care System Preparedness webpage).  In addition, hospitals and Regional Healthcare Coalitions have access to these documents through the IDPH Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) and EMResource.