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Disaster Training and Exercises

American Academy of Pediatrics
Online CME Courses
The American Academy of Pediatrics offers online disaster training courses through their PediaLink Learning Center website. 

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Pediatric Disaster Resource and Training Center
This site has training videos and other education and training resources specific to how to handle children during disasters.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Independent Study Program
This website provides comprehensive training and educational resources for various disaster related topics including addressing the needs of children. These resources target fire service, allied professions, emergency management officials, healthcare providers, school personnel, as well as members of the general public.  Some of these trainings are independent study courses.

Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children
Addressing the Needs of Children in Disaster Preparedness Exercises
This resource is for all agencies/organizations as they plan and conduct disaster drills and exercises. Inclusion of infants and children in disaster drills and exercises is an essential component in preparedness efforts and can assist in preparing agencies/organizations to meet the needs of children during an actual disaster or mass casualty incident. This second edition has expanded the target audience to all response agencies, which prompted retitling of this edition from Disaster Preparedness Exercises Addressing the Pediatric Population (2006), to reflect the broader scope of the document.

Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children

Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children
NICU/Nursery Evacuation Tabletop Exercise Toolkit   
This toolkit utilizes information from the Illinois EMSC NICU Evacuation Guidelines as well as several NICU/Nursery Evacuation Tabletop exercises conducted by Illinois EMSC. These exercises focused on resource allocation and other key coordination components as medically fragile and technologically dependent infants needed to be mobilized and evacuated during various disaster scenarios. The toolkit provides hospitals with guidance on planning, conducting and evaluating tabletop exercises that address the NICU/Nursery population, and includes excerpts from key exercise documents such as the Situation Manual (SitMan), Master Scenario Exercise List (MSEL), Exercise Evaluation Guide (EEG) and After Action Report (AAR). Note that the concepts outlined in this toolkit are applicable in exercises that address other pediatric patient populations.

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX): National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center
Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness (MGT-439)
This course addresses pediatric emergency planning and medical response considerations through a combination of lectures, small group exercises and a table-top exercise. The course is 16 hours.