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Illinois Volunteer Information

American Red Cross

This link will take you to a list of the Illinois Red Cross Chapters. Click on the chapter that is closest to you and find out what volunteer opportunities they have available.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The CERT training program was developed to provide individuals, businesses, and social organizations the initial training to sustain themselves, their families, and neighbors during the initial period following a disaster until first responders can arrive. The above link will take you to a list of the Illinois CERT Chapters, where you can contact them about future trainings and becoming a member.

Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team (IMERT)

IMERT is a volunteer organization for all levels of emergency medical personnel whose mission it is to respond to and assist with emergency medical treatment at mass casualty incidents. To obtain additional information or to volunteer, visit their website.

  • Pediatric Care Medical Specialist (PCMS) Team

The PCMS Team is a specialty team of pediatric physicians and advanced practice nurses within IMERT. This team is not a "boots on the ground" response team but instead, has been designed to provide pediatric expertise remotely during large scale disasters when the IDPH ESF-8 Plan: Pediatric and Neonatal Surge Annex is activated. For more information, or if you have questions about the role or how to begin the application process, please contact Laura Prestidge at lprestidge@luc.edu.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Medical Reserve Corps is a network of volunteers that is organized to strengthen public health, improve emergency response capabilities and build community resiliency. MRC volunteers include both medical and public health professionals and non-medical community members. For more information and to identify Illinois MRC groups, visit their website.