Robert Stripp Award


The Illinois Emergency Medical Technician Association (IEMTA) annually presents an achievement award to an EMT within our state who exemplifies outstanding work in the prehospital arena.  This award is called the Robert Stripp Award and is named after the founder of the IEMTA.

On March 30, 2003, at the Annual Illinois Emergency Medical Technician Association conference, Illinois EMSC was presented with the 2003 Robert Stripp Award.  This is the first year that an organization has been the recipient of this award.

The inscription on the award states the following:
"Illinois Emergency Medical Technician Association  proudly presents our annual Robert Stripp Award to the Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children Program for establishing a Statewide program for everyone involved in the emergency medical field that assess, stabilize and treat the needs of pediatric and child emergencies.  The guidelines and protocols they have established help address the specific needs and assist in better care and treatment of pediatric and child medical emergencies.

Therefore, we would like to bestow upon the EMSC this award for their contributions to the advancement of pediatric and child needs in the emergency medical field." March 30, 2003