Media Contacts & Resources

The Department of Public Affairs handles all media inquiries from a variety of news outlets. Calls to other areas of the organization will be directed to our department because our team is most familiar with the special needs and deadlines of the news media. We respond to media inquiries in a timely manner, aware of news reporters' deadlines.

Media Guidelines

Media must be accompanied by a Public Affairs staff member at all times. No photographs will be taken of patients for publication or publicity purposes without the signed consent of the parents or legal guardian.  

To ensure we are protecting the privacy of our patients, it is hospital policy that no information regarding a patient will be released including one word conditions or location in the hospital, unless authorized by the patient’s parent or legal guardian. 

Contact Us

Public Affairs Main Line: 312.227.4600
To contact the team after hours, please call 312.227.4000 and have Public Affairs paged.

Team Members

Julie Pesch, Director, Public Affairs

Kathleen Keenan, Media & Communications

Vita Lerman, Science Writer

Julianne Bardele, Content and Social Media Manager